Latest Football Transfer Speculation

There are quite a few names are kicking around in the transfer rumour mill right now and the most likely to make moves are Kevin Nolan (currently a free agent and a great shout for a move to Sunderland), Saido Berahino (linked heavily with Spurs but now back in the West Brom team) and Emmanuel Adebayor who looks like he could be on his way to West Ham.

Latest Transfer Betting: Popular Players

We’ve covered the following transfers in detail, with our prediction on what will happen and odds on the moves below:

Keep an eye on the above as we’ll constantly be adding new players as the rumour mill keeps turning. Special thanks to for their player transfer page which lists all player odds.

Bookmakers With Transfer Odds

Around all transfer windows you’ll find the majority of bookmakers running some kind of player transfer or next club betting markets.

They’re trying to cash in on the hype that surrounds those brief periods and possibly get citations from the media (for their odds) or sign up new customers to place bets on ‘hot’ markets.

When the window closes and we get a lull in transfer rumours, activity and movement most bookies close down their transfer odds section. However there are three that run markets all year round.

  • SkyBet – decent transfer section covering all the bigger name players from the Premier League and popular European leagues (especially if they are linked with Premier League clubs). Often their markets have set date deadlines so it’s not next club it’s to sign by a certain time frame.
  • Betvictor – in their football specials section Betvictor cover the most talked about potential player transfers. Again markets are focused on players signing before a specific date, usually by the end of the next window which limits your ability to win the bet.
  • paddypowerPaddy Power (**Recommended**) – the third bookmaker who regularly cover player transfer betting and odds. Often the markets at Paddy Power are classed as ‘Next Permanent Club’ which are much more favourable as your bet stands until the player makes a move. If you’re planning to back anyone to make a certain shift then Paddy Power are the guys to use, they’ll give you the most bang for your buck.

How To Determine If A Player Will Move

Player TransferA question we get asked A LOT here at is how do you determine if a player is going to make the move to another club or not.

It can be a tough one to answer but there are some overriding factors to look out for which can make some moves much more likely than others.

Lets take a look at the top 3 below:


We can’t stress enough how important money is to transfer deals and we’re not really talking about the fee paid for the player here, although that is important, what we’re really talking about is the situation of the player rumoured to be moving.

99.9% of players are complete mercenaries and will go anywhere if it’s paying more than their current club. Look at a team like Newcastle United over the last few seasons… all their best most inform players have moved on for more money. Jose Enrique, Andy Caroll, Demba Ba, Mathieu Debuchy and Yohan Cabaye all moved away to ‘bigger’ clubs because they could secure higher wagers.

If a club comes in prepared to pay a player a higher salary then he is on now you can be certain that the transfer is likely to happen.


Some managers have favourite players who they try to buy when they move clubs. Any dealing involving a manager who has had a player before is infinitely more likely to happen than if the manager has never worked with that player in the past.

There are countless examples of this; Sam Allardyce with Kevin Nolan, Jose Mourinho with Carvalho, Pep Guardiola with any Barcelona player… the list is endless.


Morale is less important than money but certainly still a factor in a lot of player transfer deals. If a player falls out with a manager and is then linked with a move away from the club it’s just so likely that an eventual move will happen.

The vast majority of managers will ditch pretty much any player if they feel they are having a negative impact on the dressing room or at the club. If a bust up has been reported, or even rumoured several times in the papers, then it definitely makes a move more likely.